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Strategic Issues, Goals and Actions

NADC has identified several strategic issues and corresponding goals to be addressed as part of its strategic plan. For each goal, one or more strategies were developed and a workplan was established that specified actions, responsibilities and a timeline for each action.
The following summarizes the plan.
Strategic Issue: Build A Sustainable Agency (Survival)
  • Goal 1 - NADC will continue to develop a competent financial plan for operations of the agency. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner in a culture of communication, transparency and trust. No one person or no one program will be allow to put themselves or that program above the umbrella NADC provides for each program we operate.
Strategic Issue: Review, evaluate and monitor all existing NADC programs
  • Goal 2 - The Executive Director and Finance Team will continue the agency program process to seek the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to each program.
Strategic Issue: Seek new funding opportunities
  • Goal 3 - With the past reduction of programs that were problematic to NADC, we will seek new avenues for funding streams rather it be new programs with adequate funding sources to operate within our other programs, foundation funding, fund raising activities and any other idea that is financially beneficial to NADC.
Strategic Issue: View each client’s situation holistically
  • Goal 4 - NADC strives to work with clients to not only provide services but move clients to self sufficiency status. Through needs assessments, surveys and utilizing the current ROMA and upcoming ROMA Next Generation models, NADC will target more closely ways to help clients moving out of poverty.
Strategic Issue: Expand, build and leverage our internal and community communications advantage
  • Goal 5 - NADC will improve our internal and external communications in several different ways i.e. website improvements, e-newsletters, getting employees more active in community activities, reach out for more partnerships, etc.
Strategic Issue: Staff Development
  • Goal 6 - Our important asset is our people. NADC will strive to provide more training, do more cross training and look at innovative ways to increase pay across the board.
Strategic Issue: Board Governance Training
  • Goal 7 - NADC will update Board orientation package, provide more board training and encourage board members participation in other state and federal community action activities.
Strategic Issue: Review and update new federal organizational standards bimonthly
  • Goal 8 - Since the new federal organizational standards take effect later in 2016, NADC will need to conduct a review on a biannual basis to keep current.
Strategic Issue: Improve Technology System
  • Goal 9 - Technology is our lifeline in community action business and it is imperative to keep systems up-to-date and functional.
Strategic Issue: Seek Better Facilities
  • Goal 10 - Our NADC headquarters in Batesville is in a 1950s old school building and deteriorating fast. With tight budget, plans will be to seek alternative options to either improve existing facilities or move to a more efficient facility
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