Many of the quality services that NADC Head Start/ABC provides are made possible through the successful collaboration partnership with other community agencies and organizations. These program partners share our vision of a better community through the provision of the best services possible for our children and families. These partners prove that quality services and caring adults can make life changing differences for those participating in Head Start.

Below is just a small example of NADC Head Start/ABC partners:

  • Public School Districts throughout 5 counties provide space and meals for the children
  • Local Education Agencies throughout 5 counties provide special instruction for students
  • Area Collages work to provide the necessary training and education for staff
  • Area Doctors and Dentists provide the health services and education for the children
  • Police departments talking with children to ease fears
  • Fire departments working with children about fire safety
  • Ambulance departments talk about emergencies and how to get help
  • Arkansas Forestry department talks about trees and their importance
  • Area Kiwanis

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