Kathy Ruminer


550 9th Street
PO BOX 3349
Telephone: 870-793-5765 ext. 229

Eligibility Requirements

  • Resident of Independence County, Arkansas,
  • High school or equivalent (may apply if enrolled in college and in process of obtaining GED diploma),
  • Single head of household (single, legally separated, divorced, or widowed) with sole custody of children under the age of eighteen,
  • Pursuing a vocationally oriented undergraduate course of study (full- or part-time) to ensure a better standard of living for his/her family. Applicants cannot already have earned n undergraduate degree with the exception of those pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching.
  • Low-income person at or near the poverty level, and
  • Recipient of a Pell Grant or in the process of obtaining same.

Useful Tip

To apply for a Single Parent Scholarship in Independence County, students may only use the application provided by this SPSF affiliate. Applications from other SPSF affiliates are not accepted in this county. Use the application link on this page to get the appropriate application form.


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